The Blacksmith Shop LLC has met the miscellaneous metal needs of the residential and commercial construction industries for 25 + years.

The Blacksmith Shop LLC has been fabricating and manufacturing large scale commercial custom light structural metal products for multiple end markets for over 25 years. All Blacksmith Shop LLC products carry limited warranties and are built to the highest quality standards.

The Blacksmith Shops’ talented and creative designers and management team are skilled in their craft we have consulted, designed, fabricated balcony, railing, louver and light structural steel products for a wide range of end markets.  As a team we work hand in hand with commercial contractors and architectural firms to design, fabricate and install miscellaneous metal structures across the commercial, multi-family and custom residential construction markets.   Our custom canopies, louvers and railings will add style and flair to your projects whether large or small. 

The Blacksmith Shop LLC  is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the highest quality miscellaneous metal products and services.

Contact the The Blacksmith Shop LLC design team today at sales@BlackSmithShopllc.com or by phone (616) 754-4719 to consult or partner to meet your miscellaneous metal needs.

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